Repairing and servicing manual and automatic transmissions is a speciality at Rocket Transmissions.

Our mission is to keep your transmission running at peak performance and to get any problems fixed promptly.

Keeping your transmission in top condition is essential as poor maintenance can result in overheating. Regular servicing will extend the life of your hard-working transmission and ensure smooth gear changes.

We provide a professional service for all vehicles, from 2 speed to 7 speed transmissions, and up to the latest 9 and 10 speed transmissions, and CVT transmissions, along with manual transmissions and older vehicles.

Maintenance of your transmission includes:

  • Draining transmission fluid
  • Removing and cleaning the oil pan
  • Inspection of the fluid condition
  • Checking for metal or clutch lining material in the pan and any evidence of sludge
  • A full transmission flush if required
  • Removal, cleaning and replacement of the filter
  • Checking and adjusting bands and controls
  • Refitting the pan using a new gasket
  • Filling the transmission to the recommended level for your vehicle with new transmission fluid
  • Checking for any leaks and wear on seals and hoses
  • Testing to ensure transmission is working to optimal performance level

At Rocket Transmissions we can work on any type of vehicle, from the latest European vehicle to vintage cars.

We use the most advanced diagnostic equipment and scanners, but when it comes to vehicle servicing and repairs nothing beats knowledge and experience.  

All our workmanship and parts are guaranteed, plus we provide a written warranty on all transmission repairs.